The People

From crafting goods by hand to curating to display creation to artist recruitment to community involvement- it takes a large group of dedicated people to keep this collaboration going. Ever wonder who has a hand in keeping this place running or what it takes to do so? Keep reading and let’s find out!

First up is Mari Bartoo Jacobson, owner/curator of the retail part of the space. Located on the first floor, the small retail space is the first thing you are surrounded with when you walk in the door. Mari is responsible for keeping the retail space magical and full of love, creating a unique experience that delights the senses for each person that enters the door. She also recruits and promotes new artists while continuing to feature and promote artists that have utilized the space in the past. Her biggest goal is to communicate love and beauty to every soul that she comes in contact with. This fabulous lady is a jack of all trades when it comes to creativity. She has experience in woodworking, creating furniture from reclaimed materials to keep reusable items out of landfills. Another passion of hers is offering classes (right at Rutabaga) on the uses of essential oils, for both our emotional and our physical well being. And to spread just a little more joy, Mari teaches several Zumba classes each week!

Next we have our Artists! Currently there are six artists who utilize the studio space that we have to offer. There are, however, 40+ local artists that are featured in the shop making this retail space a huge melting pot of creative, high quality goods. There are many reasons this place is so great but something that is unique to Rutabaga is when Mari is not in to run the shop, the artists are. That means the experience is very personal and you have the chance to connect directly with the artists themselves!

Last, but certainly not least, we have YOU-the community members and patrons. Never considered yourself apart of this collaboration? Well think again because none of this amazing, soul nourishing work could be done without the support of the community and the patrons we have come to know and love as well as those we only serve once. We thrive on the wonderful experiences and long lasting relationships that are developed in this warming space. We could never grow or nurture one another without your support!